Thursday, July 03, 2008

Not the most outlandish explanation for $4 gas that I ever heard. I mean, 'supply and demand'? Who's even heard of that?

A little set-up on this one, from Kelley Jones' first The Hammer series: Isobel is a reincarnated witch, brought back by the Lovecraftian Old Ones and now leading a cult of thousands as a self-help guru. For this little get-together, she's already punched (!) through the face of one human sacrifice, but she explains a wee bit about why this lot is getting the business:
Would this even be surprising now?
Yeah, that's gonna end well... I think Steven Grant of Comic Book Resources Permanent Damage had a similar idea that he used in a writing exercise. Creepy.

A longer writeup on the Hammer is probably down the line, but scary stuff. Story and art by Kelley Jones, from the Hammer #3.

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Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...

What kind of demons are we killing off when we drive electric cars?

This is a great concept. I remember some old sci-fi about monsters in a coal mine or something. This just takes it a step further.