Monday, April 19, 2010

Didn't this blog used to be about comics?

I like the logo on Pool's tanks, but what kind of flamethrower burns a hole through you?
Yeah, it happens sometimes: the action figures take over the show. That and...I haven't been reading a lot of comics lately. The last book I bought? Deadpool Team-Up #894, the disappointing issue with FrankenCastle. That sounds like the most fun pairing ever, but the whole issue is a set-up for one joke. One lame joke. (And why Hasbro hasn't gotten on a FrankenCastle action figure yet, I couldn't imagine...)

The Deadpool books are hit-and-miss, usually with more hits than that last one, but I think I'm enjoying Merc With a Mouth the most; and I don't mind that it's suddenly a limited series. With an end point in mind, that might keep the meandering to a minimum. I haven't read the Deadpool Corps stuff, either, since that seemed a bit much and I figured I could wait for a trade. (Kyle Baker and Phillip Bond art might sell that one for me.)

And...that's all the Marvel books I'm reading on a regular basis: I could start reading Captain America again, and that Alan Davis Cap/Iron Man/Thor project would be a lock if Bendis doesn't drop the ball. PunisherMax I'll probably get the trade for--man, I miss Garth Ennis on that. I only read the X-Men books when Nightcrawler gets to do something, which is never, so...

I've mentioned before, for DC I'm reading Unknown Soldier and Warlord, both of which sell a combined total of squat, which is a shame. I might cough up for that Return of Bruce Wayne series, since, well, Pirate Batman.

Over at Dark Horse, I will read about any Hellboy title they care to put out: B.P.R.D., Abe Sapien, Lobster Johnson...I skipped Witchfinder, but that was about it.

I get a lot of Warren Ellis' Avatar books, but some like Dr. Sleepless seem to have fallen off the schedule.

Is that it? Back when comics were less than two bucks, it was a lot easier to keep buying a mediocre or even crappy book, but with books coming up on a four-dollar average, it's easier to drop just about everything. And harder to pick up anything new: I'm sure I'd love Atomic Robo, but I've only read a couple issues.

So currently my enthusiasm for comics is a little low. But we'll see. Usually, something pops up to remind me why I put up with them...


chiasaur11 said...

Atomic Robo?

I'd say it's a safe bet. I mean, the humor's good, the action's actiony, all that.

And the main character? The wisecracking atomic super robot built by Nicola Tesla?

He's not the biggest asskicker in the series.

Fanboy Wife said...

But, I like the scenes you make with the toys! That's my favorite part. (I still think that one with the spaghetti guts is hilarious.)