Friday, April 16, 2010

Retro Toy Week: Clerks Inaction Figure Silent Bob!

Yeah, he's just too fat to fit on my shelves...oh, too soon?

I know I have the first wave or two of the Clerks Inaction Figures--so named because there's not a single point of articulation in the lot--but I don't have them on display. Partly because of space restraints, partly because of the scale, partly because I'm not as enthusiastic about Kevin Smith as I used to be. I know I liked Clerks 2, but like his last couple movies, it was a movie I watched once and might never watch again.

And his comics...I haven't read his new Batman thing, but I haven't heard good things, either. His Black Cat was terrible, and Nightcrawler guest-starred, which is usually enough to get a thumbs-up from me, so you know it's bad. That's not to say Smith is a bad writer or I'm never going to read or watch anything he ever does again, but I do think he could use a bit more focus somehow.

Silent Bob is getting a few paint rubs from being in a bin, but his cigarette hangs on. That and despite the novelty of hey, Clerks characters! They don't do anything, just like the movie! I do prefer my figures to have articulation. Even Simpsons-style arms and neck joints would've been something. He'll survive in the box.


Fanboy Wife said...

Do you have a Buddy Christ toy?

googum said...

No, but it seems like I would, doesn't it? Actually, I'm on the godless side of things, so there's that.

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