Friday, April 16, 2010

Retro Toy Week: Palisades Micronauts Pharoid!

Theoretically, I could've gotten this one back when I was five years old, but no dice.

I know I had a Space Glider and an Acroyear, but slowly lost them piece by piece. I might have a gun or sword or perhaps Glider's helmet left, but that's all. (As opposed to my old Star Wars figures, who still have most of their accessories.) So, this Pharoid is one of Palisades' reissues, the second series from 2003. Supposedly, the distribution on that batch was a little dicey, but there's every probability that I picked him, and a lot of the others, on clearance. (I have a Palisades Red Falcon or two that were dirt cheap, for example.)

In fact, all the Micronauts I have are reissues, and I keep them in the same little bin. But I'm pretty sure I lose a piece every time I open it. Pharoid may fare a little better than some of the others, since he has his little sarcophagus/time chamber to keep him together. Still, every time I take him out, I have to put at least one hand back on, then his four winglet pieces. The rest of his joints? Pretty good, really; the ones on mine are more robust than any of his brothers.

I know a character named Pharoid appeared in Marvel's classic Micronauts comic, but don't recall him having a huge resemblance to his action figure namesake. I also know he was killed in a bit of a purge there somewhere, too; but he was never part of the main team. Then again, comic-Pharoid may not have had that rockin' mullet, either.

Pharoid's going back into storage with the other Micronauts, but they still pop up now and then. Don't feel too bad for him.

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