Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Is Nightcrawler toast?

Today, X-Force #26 comes out today (and the preview is here at CBR), and an X-Man will least for a bit. Will Nightcrawler die? Or will another X-Men take the (usually short) dirt nap?

I have a theory, that could well just be wishful thinking, but I'm thinking the fallen hero is going to be either Cable, or Angel. I think--and again, could be way off--that Nightcrawler is going to end up in Wolverine (and Rick Remender's) new X-Force. Kurt had been opposed to X-Force's kill-or-be-killed methods (or, more accurately, straight-up murder) and he may be added to the new version to either try to serve as its conscience, or be forced to soldier up in the fight against Apocalypse.
Here's hoping, but I won't know...until the spoilers come out. I gotta say, Nightcrawler on X-Force would get me to read that book for the first time since the Milligan/Allred days, before that became X-Statix.

We've been having a bit of a do-it-yourself week here so far; and now I have no idea what I'm doing here the rest of this week. Well, we'll see.

(EDIT: Still posting this, but you can see the spoiler at CBR here. Great...)


SallyP said...

Oh great. Aquaman just comes back from the dead, and this is what happens.

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Wes Grogan said...

Hahaha.. You've got something. They're called hands. Love your writing!! Haven't read the spoiler yet, but I'm guessing they went for the most obvious. Sigh.

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