Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Nightcrawler's going to miss the next Secret Wars barbecue...

Comics Alliance, Topless Robot, and Comic Book Resources all ran pieces on Marvel's teaser ad for the April 28th release of X-Force #26, which promises the death of an X-Man to save the world. The candidates? Colossus, Angel, Emma Frost, Cable, Nightcrawler...or an X-Woman I can't place. Is that Rogue? Magik? Probably Magik.

Nightcrawler's the front-runner in Comics Alliance's Second Coming Death Pool, and is the smart money bet: Colossus recently returned from the dead a couple years ago in Astonishing, Cable in Cable & Deadpool about the same time. Magik recently returned as well, and Emma's outfit pretty much precludes her from dying anytime soon. Angel just seems unlikely, which leaves Nightcrawler.

Which sucks, since I'm more a fan of Nightcrawler than the X-Men...but to be honest, poor Kurt hasn't had a central role, or anything else to do, in the X-books for some time. He's either left to do psuedo-priest duties like setting up a chapel or whatever, or used as a teleporting bus if Pixie isn't there to do it. (Longtime readers know I can't stand the priest angle.) It'd be nice to have a fun, swashbuckling Nightcrawler again: maybe we'll get that when he comes back, or if he pulls through. Good luck, Kurt.

I'll have a little post for it later, but X-Men Origins: Nightcrawler came out last week or so. It features an ad for Second Coming on the last page, and it would be pretty rude to run an ad for the book he's going to die in, in his origin.

(And even if Nightcrawler dies, he'll probably live on around here. Most of the point of doing these strips, besides pure distilled snark and entitlement, is to get the kind of comics I'd want to read.)


Wes Grogan said...

Excalibur made me love Nightcrawler. That book knew how to treat the elf right, rather than as a second-ran. I'd hate for him to be killed off on some stupid publicity stunt, especially if Marvel is really going to be doing this whole "Heroic Age" thing where he'd finally get to.. gasp.. be himself again! It's so stupid, in fact, I'm pretty certain Marvel will do it.

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