Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Good idea:

John Severin art on Enemy Ace...even if he's fighting his evil double.

Bad idea?

The Unknown Soldier and his girlfriend, Japanese pirate queen Lady Jade; killing a batallion or two of Nazis by donning magic costumes at a haunted French chateau. Uh-huh...

Both stories from Unknown Soldier #261, and both the main ("Hour of the Beast!" Written by Bob Haney, art by Dick Ayers and G. Talaoc.) and the backup ("I am my own Executioner" Written by Robert Kanigher, art by John Severin.) seem to stray pretty far afield of the usual formulas for either the Unknown Soldier or Enemy Ace. But the writing may have been on the wall for DC's stable of war books: Unknown Soldier would end with #268, and even Sgt. Rock wouldn't last much longer. Outside of the occasional reprint series or revival, none of them have been able to stage a comeback. A shame, since I still like it when DC gives a non-superhero book a shot; even if they haven't seemed to hit it big again yet...

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nyrdyv said...

The good example shown here is that all logic, realism, and believability can be put aside if in the end you are killing Nazis.


Steven G. Willis