Thursday, June 17, 2010

In other news, I'm not made of stone.

The other day, Tuesday in this case; I worked some overtime, that I was not prepared for on any level. I was planning on a nice long walk after work, I still had to go to the bank, I hadn't brought any food, and I really didn't want to work very hard.

After I was done though, since I had to go get dog food anyway, I hit the Comic Book Shop. There were a few new books I wanted: American Vampire, Bob Layton's new Hercules (with Ron Lim!), the new Thanos thing...and then a ton of cheap books. "Quarter books" is a misnomer anymore, since they were mostly a buck a pop, but so much goodness.

Some John Carter, Warlord of Mars stuff (since Slay, Monstrobot of the Deep brought it up the other day...), the "Spock the Barbarian" issue of Marvel's Star Trek, the first and last issues of Marvel's Further Adventures of Indiana Jones, most of DC's Silver Age event. That last one I lost a couple years back, and I think I fished it out of the quarter bins at the time then too.

And all of DC's 1999 Annual event: JLApe! Including Legends of the DC Universe #19, the prelude featuring Impulse! I somehow missed or skipped this one the first time around, and I don't recall ever hearing anything good about it, but for a dollar an issue? Who could resist? Well, lots of people, yeah; that was a rhetorical.

I haven't even cracked the first issue yet, so here's the plan: every Thursday, I'm going to blog my way through JLApe. Starting next week, since I think I'm going to play Lego Star Wars for a bit...

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Sea-of-Green said...

Oh, YES! Bring on the apes! :-D