Friday, June 11, 2010

In other news, both the Karate Kid and the A-Team open today:

Sadly, neither Pat Morita nor George Peppard could be here for this unusual pop-culture convergence. And personally, it's odd for me since I somehow have never seen the Karate Kid; while I know I loved the A-Team, I can not for the life of me recall a single episode. (To be fair, the A-Team isn't the only iconic TV show with that problem: individual episodes of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Dukes of Hazzard are likewise lost to my memory.)

If you don't think we live in a golden age of action figures, man, just check out those sculpts there. Both are yard sale finds. I bought a new A-Team B.A. Baracus the other day, and while he's smaller, the sculpt is several orders of magnitude better. Although, the review of B.A. and the van at It's All True is right: check the paint before you buy if you can; I almost got a figure where one of the eyes was way off. Ever since I first saw the pictures of the van, I've been asking myself of the odds of any children actually getting one of those, figuring they were all going to adult collectors. Then again, my Oldest son said he had the A-Team theme stuck in his head yesterday--oddly, the Youngest might have as well. So, maybe.

Anyway, if you go see either, let me know: I'll be holding out for the cheapo theatre...


SirDragonBane said...

Gosh, googs, those are awesome figures of Hannibal and Mr Miyagi! What great likenessess. Anyhow, you should catch the original Karate Kid! Classic. ;) Oh and the new A-Team? Smokin'!

Anonymous said...

You don't remember that one episode of the Dukes when they were getting chased by Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane and they had to jump the creek in order to get away, but the sheriff didn't make it and crashed?