Wednesday, June 02, 2010

"Hi, we're the replacements."

I don't have much to say about this one, maybe; except that I don't see why there couldn't be two Captain Americas or two Batmen running about. Their respective universes are big places, they would have plenty to do without stepping on each other's toes. And I'm pretty sure I never need to read another story with "...and there can only be one !" That might be true of your powered characters, your Supermen or Spider-Men, but non-powered heroes? Set 'em up like franchises. A Legion of Blue Beetles! A Question Corps! Keep your originals, and your legacies!

Don't make the mistake DC made in the 80's: some editor had the bright notion that Green Lantern, particularly Hal Jordan, wasn't 'special' enough when there were 3600 or so other ring-welders. Completely missing the point of the Green Lantern mythos: that someone, anyone, fearless and brave, could use the power ring; not just the chosen one Hal.

Anyway, there will probably be an action figure made of one of them at some later date, but I'm not loving Steve Roger's current Cap-less looks: black turtleneck and scowly-face, or his new head of S.H.I.E.L.D. pseudo-Cap outfit. Of course, I liked the black costume that eventually went to USAgent, so maybe my taste is questionable. As usual.


nyrdyv said...

New characters taking on the super-hero personas we know and love is just another way to help sell the comics. Especially when the original character finally returns...


Steven G. Willis

SallyP said...

Heh. Bucky and Dick DO have a point of course.

It's not Nightcrawler, but it's still great.

Wes GRogan said...

Haha, that's a great comic. Love the lazy Cap there. Nicely done. I do agree that instead of constantly playing mix-up they should crap or get off the pot with the characters. Let the legacies play or move on. Personally, though, I thought Dick was better as Nightwing.