Monday, August 09, 2010

And we're back! Maybe? Sort of?

Back from vacation, and while I'm rested and ready, I'm short on time today. But, we do have another new Bastards of the Universe up at Articulated Discussion!

I'm also opening a good pile of toys picked up over the last couple of weeks. There's some good stuff in there, that will doubtless end up in strips later.

Ah, what the heck, we've got a second, let's check out "Flesh."

If American readers know this one at all, it's probably from the Quality reprints as Scavengers, and this scan is from issue #2. And I can kinda guess why it was retitled for American readers, but Flesh was one of the first strips in Britain's 2000 AD. It never got as big at Judge Dredd or Strontium Dog, but Flesh still shows up now and again; and the killer tyrannosaur Satanus, the son of Old One-Eye, would later show up in Dredd's book more than once. (This issue of Scavengers at least, also has a Judge Dredd vs. dinosaurs reprint.)

Oh, the book itself? Time-travelling cowboys versus dinosaurs, with several horror movies worth of stock morons, cowards, turncoats, and bad guys there to be disemboweled and eaten. Reckon it'd take me about a bazillion years to put together a full run of Quality's Scavengers, but I do believe it's been reprinted more than once. "Script robot" R.E. Wright, "art robot" Sola.

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