Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Today: Still life with Batboat!

It's like a venn diagram of 'who would be interested in these things,' with possibly only me in the middle.
Even though I got a pretty good pile of quarter books this week, instead of diligently plowing through them, I've been playing Evil Dead: Regeneration. Not the best PS2 game ever; but it's always fun to play Ash and shoot deadites with shotguns and whatnot. With the always-entertaining voice of Bruce Campbell, and guest-starring Sam Raimi as Sam, an unkillable deadite-midget sidekick.

Finished that, so I should get back to work, right? Well, I also got another game I've almost inexplicably wanted for some time: Star Trek: Encounters. Shipboard combat with different eras of Trek; on different levels you captain Kirk's Enterprise, Picard's Enterprise-E, and so forth. I may have to look for some cheats, since I have comparatively little desire to play levels with Enterprise's NX-01 or Voyager. At least, I do compared to wanting the Defiant from Deep Space Nine. Loved that show, love that ship. Also, the game scores a Poor from Gamespot, so cheating may well be the way to go there.

Evil Dead: Regeneration got a 6.9 Fair from GameSpot, and it was described as "marred and buggy." Now that I think about it, there were two separate spots where the game glitched and froze up on me. Still, both games were about a dollar a piece at a yard sale (where the Oldest managed to get himself an old xBox and pile of games on the cheap) so if you're still playing an old system and find them at that price, well, go nuts.

I'm still in a brutal and anxious mood, since I've been waiting for something from eBay that I won two weeks ago, that has yet to show up. It's like waiting for Christmas, except you know when Christmas will be. But, I did find something in stores the other day: I'd been wanting to find one, but not for me: a Batboat! The Youngest has been watching the original sixties Batman movie, and I think he'll like it.


CalvinPitt said...

Did you ever play Evil Dead: Fistful of Boomstick? I had it on XBox, though I imagine it was on other systems as well. I don't know if its better than Regeneration. Ash doesn't get a sidekick, unless they show up after the point I was stymied, but it might be worth checking out.

Fanboy Wife said...

My husband has Fistful of Boomstick too, and he likes it.

googum said...

I did, and I'll straight up confess to using a map from Gamespot; else I'd still be wandering around in circles. By comparison, Regeneration is almost a rail shooter: there's a pretty set path and not as much room to get lost in.

I even have the old PS1 "Hail to the King" game! 4.2 Poor on Gamespot! That game is so dark (or the contrast on my TV was turned up...) it really is like being in a forest and not being able to see diddly...