Wednesday, August 04, 2010

This is a spoiler for...whatever comic Cable died in, I guess.

Cable and Nightcrawler have both gone to the big waiting room in the sky, to wait for a Comic-Con announcement or big crossover event to return. And if Cable makes it back first (which he will) I'll be super-pissed.

I wasn't a fan of the character to begin with, but I cannot stand the way Cyclops is written lately. He's pulling crap that he wouldn't have stood for Professor X doing, and actively tried to stop Magneto from doing: the isolationist nature of the X-Men, his private murder squad X-Force, and in the end of Second Coming (spoiler!) five mutants return and Cyclops grins and acts like that was worth sacrificing his son, Kurt, and however many else he lost there. (Thanks to the Weekly Crisis for the writeup on that issue!) Douchebaggery.


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SallyP said...

This is SO much better than the actualy comics at the moment. I've never EVER liked Cable.

But goshdarnit, I miss Kurt.

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