Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Feeling the Unlove, or, getting ahead of myself:

Over at Battlegrip.com was a recent post entitled "DC Universe Classics and My Unlove for the Line." While admitting DCUC isn't his favorite action figure scale, distribution was the straw that broke Mr. Reed's figurative back, as it were; although he did have to admit he wanted a DCUC Knightfall Batman.

Now, as is the case for me with a lot of lines, I've been cherry-picking DCUC since the second wave; that is to say, I buy the figures I really want, and pass on the rest, even if I don't get all the pieces to Build-a-Figure, um, Collect and Connect. Through a bit of the ol' happenstance, I did end up completing the Collect and Connect Gorilla Grodd...some three years after it's release. But, over the weekend, I saw wave nine's Green Arrow and Black Canary, and passed: at fifteen bucks a piece, I couldn't justify the buy. Ten or even twelve bucks would've sealed the deal...

But what this got me thinking, oddly enough, was that I may be done with Marvel Universe. I got the Secret Wars Doctor Doom/Absorbing Man pack (with the Wasp as a pack-in, accessory, bonus, whatever) and liked it...but...

For some reason, it drives me up the wall that the heads of many Marvel Universe figures, seem to pop off at the drop of a hat...and I'm not thrilled with that metaphor, but let's go on. I don't have a decapitation problem with other 3 3/4" figures like G.I. Joe or Star Wars; and while I'm making a stink about it, it's not really that big of a deal. In fact, Doom's cape is removable since his head pops off, and for inventive types there could be some interchangeability to the figures. Maybe, I haven't tried it yet.

Target seens to have repriced the Marvel Universe singles to $6.99; which I would appreciate, but I've already picked up most of the characters I really wanted. One store had three Colossus...es...and while he seems like a perfectly fine figure, I just don't like Pete enough to care. Ditto Juggernaut. Havok was close, but not quite, I already got Kitty, and the A.I.M. soldier? You really need more than one, and I don't like them enough to buy three or five at seven bucks plus tax a go.

I very well could be proved wrong, but Doctor Doom may be the last character I have Marvel Legend figures of, but was still willing to get a smaller-scale Marvel Universe version as well. (At full price, anyway: I have picked up multiple MU at three or five bucks.) There could be an exception or two, but I rather doubt Hasbro's going to get around to a Beta Ray Bill MU. Of course, I would be all over more secondary (at best...) characters that never got their Marvel Legends due; like Quasar, Machine Man, Hellcat, Nighthawk...that list could go on. Sets like a Guardians of the Galaxy or Agents of Atlas box would net a sale here as well.

No, I think with the recent promises of the return of Marvel Legends; Marvel Universe feels like a dalliance, a passing fancy, something to bide my time until my true passion returns. Like an affair that at the end of the day, meant nothing, except perhaps reaffirming my original bonds. Wow, that sounds weird. And as I write this, I ended up with a pile of 3 3/4" figures this week. The best laid plans...

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