Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I swear I'm doing a proper write-up on this one...

...luckily, this page has got a surprising amount of captioning, about Marvel's resident muck-monster, the Man-Thing. As usual, in the Marvel Universe, nobody goes to Florida unless it's to meander about the swamp and run into Manny.

We'll do a full write-up on this issue a little later (although, you can see what it was from the bit of indica scanned there) but it's from a book I loved that never seemed to break it big, and routinely had its artists stolen for bigger projects. Paul Ryan, Greg Capullo, Steve Lightle was in there for a bit...actually looking it up, though, most of those guys had pretty fair runs on this book who's name I won't mention.

...except for the tag there. Hell!

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