Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm just going to be sad today, aren't I?

Ugh. No joy in Mudville today: first, I was actually by the computer, webpage loaded this morning, to try and get Mattel's latest new Masters of the Universe Classics figure. Never had a chance: Vikor sold out in three minutes. (Poe's POA set me up with the initial link, and you can check out the Happy Vikor Day post to see the figure, and some comments from who did and did not get one.) Now, best guess would be that Mattel made enough for the subscribers but not necessarily enough for fans looking for a very Conan-like figure; and it's all but assured that eventually there will be more. Still...not a good start to the day, and looks like Vikor won't be visiting the Bastards anytime soon.

Then, from Comics Alliance, Leaked 'X-Men Destiny' screenshots for the upcoming game, which apparently features a tribal-tattooed mutant character, possibly one of the player characters available, that piles on so much 'cool' that he makes Poochie seem positively restrained. Which wouldn't bother me so much, since I had no real intention of playing said game, but then there was this piece of concept art:
Being dead wasn't enough punishment for Kurt?
You know, I think I hate that hat the most. Sadly, if they made a Nightcrawler figure of this sketch, I would be bound by rule to buy one...

Between that and the death of a thousand cuts of a pretty uninspiring batch of Marvel solicits from Comic Book Resources (Annihilators was the only book I was completely sold on) I'm not feeling that enthusiastic this evening. Tomorrow will be a better day, and to be honest, if these are the worst things to happen to me? I'm getting off pretty damn easy.

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