Thursday, January 20, 2011

Man, Art Adams can draw mole people...

I'm thinking of the Moloids from the replacement Fantastic Four and the Shrewmanoid from Monkeyman and O'Brien; but this time is with the Challengers of the Unknown, from Legends of the DC Universe 80-Page Giant. ("The Great Unknown!" Story and inks by Karl Kesel, pencils by Art Adams.)

I lucked into a dinged-up quarter copy of that one, a good price for it, since it's a little hit-or-miss. There's a Deadman story with Eduardo Barreto art; then Beast Boy and Wonder Girl solo stories that aren't great. Admittedly, outside of the Teen Titans cartoon, I don't think I've ever liked Beast Boy, and don't even think of him as part of the Doom Patrol, either. Then, a Metal Men story set when Doc Magnus was Veridium--yeah.

Nice art, The Metal Men weren't robots in this one, but copies of Dr. Magnus's dead lab crew; which makes a story with them fighting a giant monster geranium less fun than you'd hope. ("Heart of Tin," written by Tom Peyer, pencils by Scott Kolins, inks by Bob Layton.)

Then there's a nice Walt Simonson and Klaus Janson Apokolips story, and a Legion of Super-Heroes story that's more about Superman than anything. Not the best 80-page special, then, but not the worst either.

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