Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My first toy purchase of 2011... a glorified accessory to my Marvel Universe X-Men figures: a G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra Night Raven, a nice approximation of the SR-71 Blackbird; which of course was the X-Men's go-to jet for a bunch of years. (Check out OAFE's review!) Still, it's a nice hunk of toy, and was down to $7.50 at Target!

Mind you, while the X-Jet was modified to carry thirteen or so mutants, the SR-71 usually had a crew of two. But the Warlord was piloting one solo at the start of his book, which we might have to check out soon.

In point of fact, this may not have been my first first buy of the year. I eBayed some stuff like an English "Corinthian" Nightcrawler figure, and a Nightcrawler bean: I keep meaning to gather up all the little random Nightcrawler items I've picked up over the years; like fast food toys from the Phillipines and Australia, and higher-end lead-pewter figurines from Spain and Germany. (I think: keep in mind I'm not cool enough to have travelled and bought them on their home turf, it's mostly eBay.)

Nightcrawler's a good character for collecting, since you can get a nice little pile of stuff if you want; without having to sort through reams of product like you would for a big name like Wolverine or Batman. Well, sooner or later...

Longer strips coming. Soonish.

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