Friday, January 28, 2011

Eight random line items!

I haven't done one of these in a while. Of course I'm prepared, what makes you say that?

1. Damnit, I got home and missed UPS. And my dog was at the door looking completely pleased with himself, like he got rid of an intruder. That dog...hopefully, later today I'll have something for next week.

2. I've been watching the Cape...well, sort of: it's been on, while I'm in the room; but I haven't been paying a ton of attention. It seems like a show with Keith David, Vinnie Jones, and a midget should be a little livelier. It's not terrible like late episodes of Heroes, and it seems more enjoyable than V, but both shows need to make some headway somewhere.

Keep in mind, you probably shouldn't listen to me about TV, since everything I've watched lately--the NFL playoffs, Wipeout, the State of the Union address--has been in one ear and out the other. Either they haven't been overly memorable, or I haven't been paying attention. Or both. I'd go with both.

3. I did watch Red, and thought it was OK. I did want to re-read the book, though; I always pictured Patrick Stewart in the Frank Moses role. In the book, Moses' calls to his handler aren't a guy looking for a date; they're an old man's only human contact, and have a certain neediness to them. But, a more straight adaptation would've been a lot grimmer and bloodier; I can't fault their decision to go for a broader audience.

4. I almost hesitate to bring this up, but Hastings has been a treasure-trove of used trades lately. Today, I picked up Michael Moorcock and Walter Simonson's Elric: the Making of a Sorceror, for $3.99. Cheaper than a single issue! (Also, per GCD, the series started in September 2004 and finished August 2006?) Really good so far, even if it again makes me wish there was an Elric figure!

5. I did pick up the new Fantastic Four, having almost made it without seeing the spoiler. My guess was way spoiler, but it's an untypical comic death: no scene of everyone looking sad over the body, for one thing.

6. That last item probably should've been number four. Or number three. Well, too late now.

7. Also got the last issue of ToyFare, and it doesn't seem like they were planning on it being the last issue. More than once captions and articles mention more info coming next month, presumably not to the theoretical Wizard website coming whenever. A big, last-issue finale extravaganza recapping ToyFare's history and legacy, and maybe getting a congratulations or two, well, that would've been nice, but I guess it was not to be. And there's five bucks a month I can spend or crack or something, I guess.

8. The new DCUC figures--the Bane wave, with Jonah Hex and the Creeper--and the Green Lantern figures--well, just getting Kyle there--are nowhere to be found locally, as of yet. Disappointing. With a dearth of figures (for me, anyway) recently, eBay has been tempting as heck; especially since loose Lord of the Rings figures seem perfect as background cast for Bastards of the Universe strips. Which I need to start working on. Have a good weekend!

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