Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Flashpoint, completely spoiled:

It's a rule for any alternate timeline stories, from "Yesterday's Enterprise" to Age of Apocalypse: no matter how crapsack the crapsack world, there's always someone who's better off there, than in the normal continuity. For Flashpoint, while the Thomas Wayne Batman may be perfectly happy with restoring normalcy and ceasing to exist, and Aquaman and Wonder Woman may be glad to hear they aren't usually genocidal murderers; it's going to be harder for guys like Cyborg and Captain Cold who are going to be downgraded again.

I'm being a little harsh on Flashpoint, and don't take that to be a blanket condemnation. Alternate timeline stories can be a lot of fun...although they usually don't cost $250 or so. That's my big complaint, there: I didn't read large chunks of Age of Apocalypse since I didn't care about Gambit and the X-Ternals, for example. The last comics alt-timeline thing I can remember being excited for, to the point of spending money on it, might've been Amalgam. And that was a lot less issues, even both times around.

I love Bleeding Cool, which is probably where I got most of my Flashpoint references; although Dale beat me to a Flashpoint-strip with a character I'd love to see return there. And Marvel, don't think you're off the hook: I have an even lower opinion of Fear Itself coming up...

Next Wednesday's post, though...will be on Tuesday. For some reason.

Duhr! I messed up a word, and painted Batman's oval red...then lost it. Fixed!


Dale Bagwell said...

Arghh! You sir, suck for being funnier than I. Seriously though, good post; I liked the Euro-Disney and Batman comments, as well as the castration bit. You know if we really wanted to, we could've made a more graphic and bigger deal out of that! I do appreciate the shout out though. I've got my Paint.Net program up and running in case you couldn't tell; but man I lost all those cool fonts I downloaded!

As or Fear Itself, I might address that one, if only to point out how much I think it sucks! Seriously man, this so-called "event" holds no interest with me whatsoever. From what I've seen so far, it's boring, and while it's in continuity unlike much of FP, at least FP reinvents some characters, and is proving to be the more entertaining and comment-worthy story. I'd have to look up the sales figures, but I bet FP and all its tie-ins outsell FI and its tie-ins, even though FI has more tie-ins. God, doesn't any story/storyline ever stop with these people? Sorry for the ling rant....and yes, Bleeding Cool is a great site for info.

Dale Bagwell said...

Before I forget, did you see my Bat-Rap skit from "Straight outta' Gotham"? Let me know what you think.

SallyP said...

Oh, Alternate Timelines...are SUCH a joy. Well, maybe. But I would have loved for Booster to simply fly in and set it all right in about five minutes. Sadly...that didn't happen.

But it COULD have!

googum said...

I liked "Staight outta Gotham" until I realized "Straight outta Compton" came out like 20 years ago! Now all I can think about is that I'm old...and how come the oldies station never plays rap...

Yeah, the Booster fix would piss off a lotta a small handful that I imagine wearing those fan club t-shirts screaming "YEAH!" at the comic.