Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I got this figure, then spent like forty minutes thinking about this.

Yeah, I know Superman is more likely to run into Swamp Thing than Man-Thing, but when I got Manny over the weekend this was the first thing to get stuck in my head for a stupid amount of time. (And I'm serious about the 'super-fear thing, we saw it in Justice League of America #129 here way back when.)

I picked up Man-Thing, in package, at the Spokane Comicon last weekend; it was nice to have a Marvel Legends clamshell to hack open again. Of course, now I may be compelled to get the new DCUC Swamp Thing later so he has someone to hang out with. While I like them together, like in What The--?!, or mistaken for each other as in ToyFare; I've mentioned before that Man-Thing usually depresses the hell out of me: hey, kids! A mindless pile of swamp lurching around, scaring tourists and burning rednecks! Swampy is a bit more active a protagonist, in that he chooses to do things; Manny is a bit passive, he reacts. (P`Tor at Sanctum Sanctorum Comix and Mike Sterling's Progressive Ruin have sold me a bit more on Man-Thing.)


Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

I guess with the recent boast in popularity that Swamp Thing's getting, I think it's time you did a ST/Man-Thing skit, you know, so they can finally hash it out about their similarities for once and for all.

googum said...

There's an old What The?! bit I need to put up, with Swampy vs. Manny. Manny doesn't talk, but does pull a couple of signs outta nowhere; and Swampy just yaps and yaps.

I do always complain that in Marvel's Florida, you are going to run into the Man-Thing. Guaranteed.

SallyP said...

Really? Super-fear? Well, I guess that EVERYthing that Superman does is...super.

But still, nice to see Man-Thing.