Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Issue #2 of Herc comes out today, and you can check out the preview at CBR. I think I'll give it a shot...but I don't know if I like this run of Hercules as much as the classic Bob Layton version or the Incredible Hercules: the first issue started with a bit more humor, then swerved away to a more traditional vigilante tale.

And it looks like the Kingpin is being set up as the big bad for Herc's new status quo, which would be fine...if I thought that Herc was going to be able to take the Kingpin down once and for all, nobody's gonna pull that one off. I've seen the Kingpin fall and rise, what, four or nine times?

Still, if the book plays around a little with Herc as not fitting in his current setting at all but still stomping ass, well, it'd probably still be pretty entertaining. And if it delivers a Herc/Punisher much the better.


Dale Bagwell said...

You sir are my hero after seeing this image and potential team-up. I smell a future buddy skit coming out of this, or is that my arm pits I'm smelling? Anyway, this seems like a must.

SallyP said...

They could make an adorable team. No, really.