Tuesday, June 21, 2011

If I had been more on the ball, I probably would've bought this issue new: the Brave and the Bold #26, featuring the Spectre and Xombi. I knew B&B had done a few issues of Milestone/DC team-ups, which I'd usually be interested in, except they seemed...perfunctory. Like DC was just throwing them out there so they could say, hey, Milestone, we tried. But, this issue does feature some nice Scott Hampton art, and is written by Xombi's regular writer and co-creator, John Rozum.

This was the Crispus Allen Spectre, and I haven't read a lot of stories with him; but as is typical for the character, he has a lot of weird restrictions and rules. After killing serial killer Ray Walker, typically the Spectre's job is done. Only this time, Walker's ghost continues, killing vampires and other ghosts. The Spectre goes to a higher authority, not necessarily God or the Presence or Rama Kushna or anything though. Like his immediate supervisor, or Assistant God or something. Anyway, the Spectre is more or less told Walker is out of his jurisdiction now.

Meanwhile, David Kim, the unkillable Xombi, is having trouble sleeping. I do believe this is the first time we see his fiance Dalila, who has been mentioned the whole run of his book, but never seen. Maybe? Maybe we briefly see her the last issue, but I'm not sure about that. One issue mentions that David was having a hard time telling her about the reams of weird crap that had happened to him, since he knew she did not take surprises well. Why? Dalila's last boyfriend was only dating her because they were the same size...that story does not end well. Interestingly, and I could be wrong on this too, but I get the feeling all of Xombi's stories to date take place in a relatively short period, perhaps only a month or so.

David's associate, Julian Parker--think a slightly friendlier yet sketchier John Constantine--gets him on the case, as they check out a vampire corpse. Rozum points out vampires don't get a lot of calcium in their diet, and thus have brittle bones; and the vampires also openly envy Xombi for being invulnerable, immortal, and without vampire frailities. David tells them it's not that great.

After a seance, Walker eats another ghost, but is stymied by David: he can't kill him, but the Xombi can't stop a ghost either. Later, Parker summons the Spectre, and they try to get him to finish the job he started. He wants to, even if he acts put out at being summoned like he was a genie. David goes alone to stop Walker from killing the girl that the Spectre saved, and stalls him until the Spectre kills Walker. I kind of like the last page, where David and Crispus have a little talk about who they are and where they're going.

Not as good as a regular issue of Xombi, but not bad at all.

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Dale Bagwell said...

I might have to try this out the next time I head to my LCS. I like Blade of the Immortal by Hiroaki Samura. It's really good Manga that deals with a guy with worms inside him that make him immortal unless he can kill 1,000 bad guys. Good stuff man.

I myself miss the Bold & the Brave, especially under JMS. They need to bring it back since they're bringing back DC Presents. Having 2 anthology titles can't be too bad, and imagine the talent and stories they could get out of it.