Monday, June 06, 2011

This is the most cheery Doom Patrol ever, and they're still kinda messed up.

Later, we'll probably have to take a look at DC's 52 new #1's/digital day-and-date plan, but My Greatest Adventure #1 is on the schedule of new #1's, and it would be a bit of a slap in the face if it didn't at least guest the Doom Patrol. (The Doom Patrol first appeared in My Greatest Adventure #80.)

This isn't from that, though; it's from Teen Titans Go! #28, "Surprises" Written by J. Torres, pencils by Todd Nauck, inks by Lary Stucker. The Doom Patrol hangs out with the animated Teen Titans and tells stories of young Beast Boy, as they get ready for his surprise party. Robin is a little surprised to hear Mento's tale of using Beast Boy as bait to trap the Brotherhood of Evil, but he shouldn't be, since Mento is a colossal asshole.

Robotman's story tells of a young and inquisitive Beast Boy taking toys and appliances apart, before stepping up to larger machines; but Negative Man remembers the times Beast Boy saved the team. Rita, aka Elasti-girl, BB's adoptive mom, tells the sweetest story though, of his childhood bedtime stories:

The Doom Patrol were going to get figures in Bandai's Teen Titans line, but it was cancelled before they could. Later, they would get a set in the Justice League Unlimited style, and we've seen Negative Man and Robotman here more than once, Elasti-woman still hasn't got a DCUC figure, normal or giant-sized.

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Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Not a bad topic; at least the DP got some face time and exposure to a new audience and possibly new fans. The same for the cartoon itself, although it's a shame no bandai figures, more needed DP exposure that got missed out on.