Thursday, June 16, 2011

To get ready for the Green Lantern movie, here's...

...Booster Gold with a power ring?

Longtime Booster fans know he has a stolen flight ring, but he takes a GL ring for a joyride in Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century #19, "Booster" Written by J. Torres, pencils by Alex Serra, inks by John Stanisci.

Based on the Legion animated series--where, sadly, Booster and Skeets only had a brief cameo in the first episode--the team pursues a gang of thieves called the Scavengers and gets an unlikely assist from a new hero, glory hound Booster Gold. While the Legionnaires argue about whether Booster is a true hero or a big jerk, Brainiac 5 knows something but remains silent.

Booster is working on a time sphere, while the Scavengers are shaking Booster down for his father's gambling debts. (As opposed to Booster's point shaving in his regular continuity.) When the Legion arrives to break up the gang, the Scavengers' leader hijacks the time sphere and flees. At Skeets' suggestion, Booster uses an antique Green Lantern ring from the museum to give chase. With the ring, Booster would become the 21st century's greatest hero--
Take it to Oa for a refund, Booster!
--oops, maybe not. You can see the Scavenger about to try Green Arrow's weapons against Booster; which works about as well as you'd guess.

In the 31st century, the Legion wonders if Booster stopped the Scavenger, or if he even found him; but is more curious as to why Brainiac 5 knowingly let Booster steal his weapons and a Legion flight ring. But Superman realizes that this is destiny:
Oh, no, Supes for Booster, that seems a fair trade...
Oddly, the time travel aspects of this seem to be overly confusing for the other Legionnaires.

I wish I had issue #15 now as well, since it guest-starred Impulse! In the comics, I think Booster's from the 25th century, but Impulse actually is from the 30th-31st century like the Legion; and in Bart's earliest appearances he mentions having one friend in the virtual reality world he grew up in: Brainy, who really isn't anywhere near as fond of him.

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SallyP said...

I don't know how fearless Booster is, but he certainly has the behind for the role.