Wednesday, April 11, 2012


File this under "Good Idea, Bad Idea": I wasn't sure if I had taken a look at any old McFarlane toys this year. Then I remembered I had just seen in one of my bins, the Kaneda figure from Akira; and that would tie into last year's look at his motorcycle. (Both were from 2000.)

Then Blogger (which has recently updated it's posting layout and possibly some other nuts-and-bolts nonsense) has been really squirrelly on the picture-loading front. And it didn't help that the first pictures I took came out terrible. Fine, but after all that I really don't like this figure anyway.
Kaneda looks nice: he does have a bit of a mouthbreather look, that actually probably goes with the character. The sculpt and the paint are both well-done: McFarlane called this line "3D Animation from Japan" or such, and it shows. But even with ten points of articulation, almost none of it is useful: neck, waist, shoulders, wrists, mid-thigh and boot-top; all simple swivels. Kaneda also comes with goggles, which I couldn't get to sit properly, and the laser-rifle and powerpack. The rifle and pack are connected by a thin plastic hose, which is fine; but aren't removeable (hmm, maybe you could get the pack off, maybe, if you really wanted.) or adjustable. You can just get the rifle in Kaneda's hand, but he can't even raise it to point it at anything.

Worst of all, like we mentioned back when we looked at his bike, the carded version of Kaneda can't sit on said bike. Like, at all, in the slightest. And frankly, he can't do anything else, either. If you're looking for a Kaneda to sit on your desk and stare slackjawed at you, he's great (again, the slackjaw isn't a dealbreaker, the character wasn't exactly a rocket scientist) but if you want him to do anything else, you're out of luck. McFarlane was well on his way out of the "action figure" business then, and would make increasingly less articulated pieces for the next few years--maybe until he got the Halo license? I don't know, I'm not a fan, but it seems like that's doing all right for him.

I must've spelled Kenada Kanada Kaneda wrong forty times on this post.

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chiasaur11 said...

Forget if you've read the manga, but Kaneda never struck me as an idiot there.

Impulsive, often. Bad in school, of course. Asshole, 100%. (Knocks up the girl he's using as a source for drugs, and when she mentions it he just says, basically, congratulations, now about those drugs...)

But he outplays people way out of his league by thinking on his feet. Admittedly, getting into those situations was usually stupid...