Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Retro Toy Week: Strontium Dog!

From ReAction Toys and 2000 AD, Strontium Dog! I've been doing a bit of searching, but I'm still not positive what year these came out in America. Best I can figure, 1999? Strontium Dog is a British creation, and although there's been more than a few reprints here in the states, he's not exactly a household name.

This figure predates many artist-specific figures, but bears a strong likeness to Johnny Alpha's co-creator Carlos Ezquerra's art. The color scheme is predominantly green with yellow and orange-brown elements; which should help him stand out in a crowded shelf. He comes with two guns, that probably have proper names but I don't recall them.

Johnny also comes with a beam polarizer and electronux (taser-like brass knuckles) and his armor and helmet are removeable, as are the shin and forearm guards. The helmet splits in two down the middle, which is a little unsightly, but helps keep the helmet and his head the right scale. (Sometimes, a figure can end up with a pinhead, or a bobblehead-looking helmet.)

I have to wonder how these did for Re:Action, in America anyway. I'm pretty sure I got Strontium Dog, and possibly most of the rest of their 2000 AD line, for $3.33 a piece at the late, lamented KB Toys. He's a good figure that has aged pretty well; but the character still isn't widely known stateside. In fact, he's had a bit of down time in his native Britain as well: Johnny was killed off, a move that apparently is widely regarded as a mistake. He may be on his way back, which I'd be glad to see.

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Dale Bagwell said...

He seems like a good find and cool as figure. Wonder if ComicsAd2000 will put any newer figures with articulation comparable to Mattel and Hasbro.