Thursday, April 12, 2012

Retro Toy Week: Toy Biz's the Leader!

From 1997, Toy Biz's Smash and Crash Leader. Huh, looks like he came with a little robot drone. Wonder what happened to it?

The 1996 Incredible Hulk cartoon wasn't great, but got several action figures. The Leader would get a couple, including a Leader-Hulk one that I can't remember if it was a Hulk turned into the Leader or vice versa. I think Todd McFarlane is actually behind this redesign of the character, with Peter David on or around Incredible Hulk #342. The uniform anyway; although, Todd drew Leader with less of an elongated skull than a big brain pouring out the top of his head.

Articulation is sparse--shoulders and hips--but the Leader isn't the most active character anyway. It would be nice if he had a weapon-holding hand, though; so he could try to take a potshot at the Hulk: both his hands are open. He does have an action figure, though: his skull and face are transparent-green, and on his back is a hard plastic button that pumps blood to his melon! Sadly, the 'blood' in mine is old and dry; and I'm not quite curious enough to try and pop him open to refill it with anything.

I know there have been Marvel Legends Leaders, but I never got around to getting one.

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Dale Bagwell said...

Too bad there isn't an ML version of this type of figure. Cool one though.