Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm posting this now, so dealers can jack up the price set them aside for me.

The Spokane Comic-Con is coming up May 19th; so I'm trying to sort out what I'm looking for this year...even though there's little telling what will be there. I always get a pretty good pile of books, although I didn't get as many last year as I was hoping for. That said, I did get a new copy of Thor #300 (a book I love, but will never ever blog about since it's insanely complicated...) and those WildC.A.T.s figures and Man-Thing.

So, here's the stuff I'll be looking for, at least what I can think of so far. Most of these books aren't especially valuable, but might be slightly scarce since some weren't particularly popular.

Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #209, 210, 211. (Oddly, I actually found #211 over the weekend. I probably shouldn't have read the last part before the third and fourth, but that probably shouldn't have been a five parter, either.)
The Heckler #2-6
America vs. the Justice Society #1
Marvel Super-Heroes #2, 4-8, 13-15.
2000 AD Presents #15.
Countdown Special: OMAC.
Superman Family issues--cheap ones!
Green Lantern 80-Page Giant #3.
Worlds Unknown #8
Marvel Age #31 (Still!)
X-51 #1-12 (Minus #8, which I know I have. That series wasn't great, and the later issues are probably scarce since they weren't selling...)
What The--?! #25, 26.
Trinity Angels #12.
Suicide Squad (2002) #12.
The Question Returns #1.
Batman: Doom that came to Gotham #2, 3.
Twilight Zone #70
Green Lantern Annual #7, Aquaman Annual #4: I have the rest of the Ghosts crossover.
EDIT: Incredible Hulk #350, Fantastic Four #320 (Grey Hulk vs. spiky-Thing!)
MORE EDIT: Savage Tales 1985 series, especially #2. Herb Trimpe rocks in that issue.
JLA #97, 99. (Claremont/Byrne/Ordway, but not great. I'd go cheap on them, though.)

There's probably more I'll think of between now and then, but we'll see.

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SallyP said...

Wow. You have some really nice ones on that list!