Thursday, January 31, 2013

80-Page Thursday: Dark Horse Presents #16!

The previous issue was like 88+pages, but this one looks to be right about 80 even: Dark Horse Presents #16, featuring stories by Phil Stanford, John Layman, Nate Cosby, and more; and art by Tony Akins, Sam Kieth, Patric Reynolds, Evan Shaner, and more.
Ten stories this issue, and I liked Cosby and Shaner's "Buddy Cops," Richard Corben's "Edgar Allen Poe's Berenice," Layman and Kieth's "Aliens: Inhuman Condition," and Carla Speed McNeil's "Finder." But out of the six remaining, four of them were still not bad: maybe I wouldn't have bought them on their own, but were fine as part of the anthology package. (Palmiotti and Gray's "The Deep Sea" is a pretty good start, but I didn't think later issues capitalized on it.)
Not bad at all, but this issue didn't have any of the features the previous issues had that I really liked, like Nexus or Evan Dorkin strips. Still worthwhile even if it's not knocking it out of the park, although as usual I wonder how long the series will be around. So enjoy it now!


Dale Bagwell said...

That Buddy Cop story looks pretty good,as I love that line about it being really hard to piss off a robot, but that guy did it anyways. And then the line with the guy defending his husband is just so fucking hilarious and inappropriately(or is that appropriately?) funny as hell;)

Nice to see Richard Corben's still around as well. Always enjoy his work.

reed Dexter said...

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