Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I honestly expect this in Superior Spider-Man any time:

I read Amazing Spider-Man #700 a while ago, and it wasn't bad; although I don't think the Doc Ock plotline could go on that long. Still, I could totally see them revisiting this one: from Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #15, "How Spider-Man Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Arms!" Written by Zeb Wells, pencils by Patrick Scherberger, inks by Norman Lee.

Doc Ock isn't getting a lot of respect in prison today, since he doesn't have his mechanical arms. In fact, Ock is trying to convince a judge the tentacles were controlling him, and he was actually innocent. That may have come into play in the second movie, but here Ock is a total jerk, and he tries to use the psychic link he has with the arms to attack Spidey.

Spidey gets the arms to hit a power box, nearly electrocuting them both. Later, while watching the news, Pete hears that the judge granted Ock's appeal and released him, since the arms were seen running around on their own. Even weirder, the arms followed Spidey home! While they act like a puppy, Ock wonders why he can't psychically sense them. Spidey feels silly treating the arms like they were alive, but they act like it, even trying to follow him to school.

When Ock finds the arms, he and Spidey have to do the traditional "Let Him Choose." The arms pick Spidey, which drives Ock to take a swipe at him, and the arms smack him one. Spidey gives the arms a talking to, but hears the cops coming, and is forced to leave them with Ock. The arms sadly stay, but refuse to help Ock get away. Ock goes back to jail, and while Pete knows Ock will eventually get them back, he's still a little sad in the end.

A fun little story, and while I think it wasn't the first time we ever saw Spidey with Ock's arms, I liked it a lot.

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Dale Bagwell said...

Cute story, and one that could actually happen now. Hmm.