Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Over at, Rorschach went on sale yesterday, the first figure in Club Black Freighter. No telling if he sold out or not, as I type this the weekend before. (EDIT: Rorschach sold out by or around 2 PST.) Of course, my Rorschach was loose and without his grappling-hook gun and VHS-style case, but oh well.

I couldn't imagine DC trying to bring Rorschach into the DC Universe proper; but I wanted to play with the figure. It does cause me no end of distress that Rorschach has appeared in more comics lately than either the Vic Sage Question or the Creeper...

By the way, the first panel is a very specific lettering homage; possibly rendered moot since I can't nail down the font, but see if it rings a bell.


Dale Bagwell said...

Very nice skit there Goo-ster.

Of course I know what panel you're referencing, so duh, but nice effect all the same. Too bad you can't re-enact the scene where he breaks the guy's finger. That'd be awesome-sauce. And speaking of awesome, but majorly felonious, try going around breaking a random person's finger, asking them what they know, and go "Ha ha, just kidding. You've just been Rorschach'd motherfucker!" Now that's fun for the whole family right there;)

Who's the fat guy though? He looks like either the early, early version of the Kingpin from Punisher Max, a grown-up Chunk from the Goonies, or Brian Bendis. Personally I was going w/Bendis, but seeing Chunk getting his fat-ass handed to him by Rorschach just seems so much funnier in a very wrong way:)

Oh, good job on the dialogue as well. I just imagine it's the animated voices of the characters from JLU and the Batman one after B:TAS myself. It just helps that way.

Finally, how the hell do set up those figure standing on the background so damn well? I try, and I try, and still it never comes out right. You either have a vastly superior camera, or are just that damn good, as you are secretly a shaolin master at taking digital pictures. I'm really gonna' go on that last one since it makes more sense;)

Ronnie said...

^ The fat guy is from the line of the movie version of The Spirit. One of Octopus' numerous clone henchmen.

googum said...

Ronnie is correct! Perhaps he can explain why the Octopus had clone henchmen in that movie...

Anyway, as far as photos go, I take a ton; fiddling with the settings, some with flash, some without; and then just hopefully pick the best one at the end. Or least worst. Then, I leave huge folders full of unusable or old pictures in my computer for ever.

And the first panel was a swipe from the Killing Joke! For no reason.

Dale Bagwell said...

I kinda do that too, except I delete all the unused one, unless I find a use for them, and thus become the extras at the end of my skits.

Didn't know who that was so thanks @Ronnie and Goo for pointing that out.

And I was not thinking Killing Joke for that 1st panel, but rather the infamous scene in Watchman. Hmm.