Monday, January 14, 2013

The sound of suddenly being upstaged:

Yeah, USAgent, what's that noise? Well, the entire issue was devoted to the sudden and unexpected return of the original android Human Torch...

...and completely upstaged by the sudden and unexpected return of Iron Man! From Avengers West Coast #50, "Return of the Hero" Written and drawn by John Byrne, inks by Mike Machlan.

A roundabout link trail here: Battlegrip posted a link to's "Too Late for Xmas but Not for You" and twelve figures under twelve bucks; including the newest Marvel Legends Iron Man, the 90's "neo-classic" or "coffee-can" armor. Which I got for $5.90, but seems to be $13.22 as I type this. It's a nice figure, and while I'm not sure it's my favorite, I fondly remember it as being the Iron Man from the classic 1991 Data East Captain America and the Avengers game!

It's not as good as the Konami six-player X-Men, but I think I love the Avengers' music more...

Anyway, I need to dig up another AWC panel with "Tony" later, since it's a bit I kind of liked that'll seem super-dated now.

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