Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"Don't ask to see the Creeper Cave. Just don't."

The set took me forever on this one! We got some of the set dressing from Iron-Cow Productions, like the Joker card. The Robin costume is from the Custom Coalition. The Batcave deep in back is from the Animated Series, a little undersized, but good for the background. The dinosaur is from the Jurassic Park Jr. Playskool line; and that still unidentified 70's looking robot was behind it.

I like the idea of the Outsiders, probably more than any actual story I've seen with them. And I love the notion of Batman using guys like Creeper and the Question as legmen, running down clues that Bats can't take the time to track down.


Dale Bagwell said...

Very, very cool Goo! I don't envy you having to put all that shit together and try and figure the out the best camera angles. Ohhh, that looks like it really was a lot of work. But it works though. You know, until you put them together for some reason I didn't see the Creeper and the Question hanging out, but you make it work. Always enjoy their banter.

And yeah, I imagine that scene is exactly like how it works at those gatherings. You might not get medical insurance, but you'll get free eats..and the good kind too knowing Alfred.

So jealous of those playsets though;)

SallyP said...

That is one amazing cave! And of course Alfred would have great sammiches.