Friday, April 18, 2014

Batman vs. White Supremacists. That's a Good Friday!

From my last Hastings order, Batman: Dead White, written by John Shirley, with a cover by John Van Fleet. A slightly-past Year One Batman faces the ruthless cunning of White Eyes, who's planning a strike against Washington D.C. Meth, high-powered homemade weapons, corrupt cops, and way more racial slurs than I was expecting. Not from Batman, of course, but it's mildly surprising since you don't see that in the comics. (Do you? Not often, I'd say. Pre-52, anyway...)

It is, of course, immensely satisfying to see Batman beat the stuffing out of white power goons. And the conclusion, where Bats catches up with a low-level crackhead that escaped him a couple of times prior, is great. Well worth the $2.39 it ran me, and Hastings really should be giving me a kickback by now.

I'm in the middle of training at work, and a little fried, but have a good Easter!

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Dale Bagwell said...

Consider me sold. Batman beating the shit of the klan? Sold! He'd have been perfect in O Brother' Where Art Thou? then;)

It makes one wonder though. In another time and place, could Bruce Wayne have been racist? He's white,rich, probably conservative,and has a very high opinion of himself/ego. Sounds like a very attractive candidate for the klan right? Ignoring the the lack of blond hair of course;)

Happy Easter to you too buddy.