Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Today in Fantastic Four bingo...

The FF goes broke!

Alternate reality versions of the team!


And Arkon the Imperion, for some reason. (D-Bolt? More like D-Bag...) From 1975, Fantastic Four #160, "In One World--and Out the Other!" Story and art by Arkon's creators, Roy Thomas and John Buscema, with inks by Chic Stone.

This is a bit of a muddle, but may have been intended as a mystery to be cleared up in later issues: Alicia is present for an Arkon/Thing fight, except the Thing doesn't seem like himself, and is actually back at the Baxter Building! Retelling the incident, Alicia realizes the Thing in the fight sounded more like Reed than Ben.

Ben contacts the Inhumans, so he can get Lockjaw to help him track across the dimensions, under the guise of "walkies." Lockjaw does drag the Thing through multiple dimensions, and if he's anything like my dog, probably pees every twenty feet. He also chases an interdimensional creature Ben refers to as a "jackrabbit," and I want to say Lockjaw did something similar in the 1994-95 FF cartoon. The creature seems familar, and may be the lasting impact of this issue.


Dale Bagwell said...

FF Bingo you say? Hmmm.
I like it man. You should make this a regular thing.

And did anyone ever eventually solve whatever the mystery was? Or was it just forgotten?

SallyP said...

Good old Arkon. Loved his hat.