Thursday, April 17, 2014

That's a weird exchange in or out of context...

Even though IDW is killing it with some of their licensed comics, the one seemingly most likely for me to read, is the one that hasn't worked for me yet. Like today's book! From 2013, Star Trek #24, written by Mike Johnson, story consultant Roberto Orci, pencils by Claudia Balboni, inks by Marina Castelvetro.

The "Story so Far" recap under the credits seems to be referring to a different issue, since this one is midway through the Gorn story. And even though the old "Arena" Original Series Gorn is on the cover, the species has been redesigned a couple of times, on Enterprise and for the movie-based video game.

From a previous encounter with them, Kirk is still having nightmares about them; as the Enterprise arrives at Parthenon 559 and discovers the survivors of a Gorn massacre. Having missed the prior issue, I was slightly confused by Kirk mentioning the Gorn entering their galaxy "through the rip in space-time caused by the Helios Device." Kay...whether these Gorn are an advance scout for an invasion or mere stragglers, this time Kirk feels ready for them. So of course, he and his security team are captured inside of five minutes.

Captured, but not killed; since these Gorn aren't part of the invading army. Instead of seeking "nothing but blood, nothing but death," the nicer Gorn look for a different path. Of course, mess with them and they'll cut you up: Spock discovers evidence the human survivors actually started the massacre, and the Gorn were defending themselves.

Kirk places the planet under Federation quarantine: the leader of the miners is pissed, but pretty obviously a jerk. This issue isn't a complete rehash of "Arena" (perhaps the previous one was...) but it does share some points. I kinda wish IDW would forego these sorta kinda remakes of classic episodes and just do new stuff. In the same way I really wish Star Trek Into Darkness had steered clear of Khan. Or at least not coyly denied it until it happened.

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