Monday, April 07, 2014

Have I done that thing lately, where I was looking for a specific comic, then don't find it and post something else? Well, we're doing that today. From 2008's Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #31, a Chris Giarusso Mini Marvels strip!

I kind of love how Cyclops is still shooting after he realized it was Wolverine.

I actually was going through a big box of Fantastic Four comics, looking for Fantastic Four Annual #18, since it features the Kree and Skrull observers from X-Men #137, still shooting at each other in the Blue Area of the Moon, almost ten years later. I was thinking of that issue, since I checked out the Marvel Legends Kree/Skrull Soldier two-pack, which I should've bought years ago if I wanted it, since it's way too expensive now. And I was thinking of that, since I bought a figure on eBay that was part of a two-pack, and probably cost me as much as a two-pack. I don't usually buy one for the price of two, but we'll see that figure later.

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