Monday, April 28, 2014

The "Twilight Zone" ending panels of Gold Key's Twilight Zone #52:

I'll usually throw in for a Gold Key Twilight Zone comic when I find a cheap one, although the quality varies wildly for story to story and issue to issue. Mostly, because I have fond memories of a beat digest with a ton of stories in it, that the GCD has as Mystery Comics Digest #12. (Which we took a look at years back!)

This wasn't the strongest issue, yeah. There's a twist ending you saw coming...

From Twilight Zone #52, with art by John Celardo, Frank Bolle, Jack Sparling, and Jose Delbo.

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Bird of Paradise said...

I have read the one about the Owl this guy was afraid of the birds and where he went he saw images and pictures of owls a waitress wore owl earings a own in a trash can on a truck a owl got in his radio studio then he drives right off the cliff but he had already stole money from the studio