Thursday, April 07, 2016

80-Page Thursdays: Countdown Special: Jimmy Olsen #1!

We still have a few of these left, so we might as well have a few more 80-page Thursdays. From 2008, Countdown Special: Jimmy Olsen #1, featuring stories and art by Jack Kirby, inks by Vince Colletta and Mike Royer, with Murphy Anderson doing some alterations for Superman and Jimmy. And a nice Ryan Sook cover!

This issue reprints three classic Jimmy Olsen stories: "The Saga of the D.N.Aliens," "A Superman in Super-Town!" and "Monarch of All He Subdues!" The first one is a bit more substantial, featuring Project Cadmus and appearances by Guardian and Darkseid. The rest is a two-parter with Superman, Jimmy, and the Newsboy Legion against the menace of Victor Volcanum. I don't think that was one of the King's better villains, but it's more notable as being the last of his run on the book.

Not my favorite of these Countdown reprints so far, but this may carry more weight for others. So far we've checked out two Atom specials, as well as the Flash, Kamandi, and OMAC. I have one more that we'll check out later, but I'm missing the New Gods one. Think I've read all of those issues, though.

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Dale Bagwell said...

You know, as much as Kirby was solid, and God knows he was, I just could never get into his rendition of Superman, and I know I'm not alone, because DC used to have artists go over Kirby's Superman face and replace it something more house style. Makes me wonder if he had jumped to DC earlier like say right after #50, or even early '68. Would it have really boosted DC at the expense of Marvel's momentum?