Wednesday, April 06, 2016


This episode, we meet the rest of the lost SWORD crew: "Dayton," is a Masters of the Universe Classics Icarius, a big fellow that looks quite a bit like a young Val Kilmer. "Juarez," is a Babylon 5 Marcus Cole; a somewhat dated figure, but about right for what I was looking for here. "Park," is a Shadowrun Kyushi figure; she made a brief appearance in a strip some years back, running away from an unmasked Deadpool!

Although most of the figures I buy are set characters--you buy a Captain America or a Spider-Man, that's what you get--I like getting some figures that aren't set in stone, and have a little more room to use your imagination. It's fun to "cast" them in different roles, and some have more "range" than others. I really should put together a bin full of the "civilian" figures I have...


Dale Bagwell said...

No I hear ya' on that man. Plus it keeps things interesting, and allows you to see them in a totally different light, which spawns ideas and future skits.

You definitely gotta use that Icarus guy more often though. I didn't get the resemblance until you mentioned it, but you definitely need to play him off exactly like Iceman(Top Gun Iceman) then.

SallyP said...

He... he DOES look like Val Kilmer!