Thursday, April 28, 2016

The fourth wall was out for repairs this month.

The GCD doesn't usually editorialize or comment much on its vast array of covers, so when it refers to this issue as "very off-beat "breaking the 4th wall" issue" they aren't kidding! From 1991, Forgotten Realms #24, "Everybody Wants to Run the Realms" Story by Jeff Grubb, art by Rags Morales.

Morales is probably still best known for his art on Identity Crisis, but this series based on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons was far, far more charming and lighthearted; even though the characters occasionally went through hardships. Still, this issue divulges from the usual storyline, for a "behind the scenes" look. (Several years before "Behind the Music" or any of its spoofs!) Poking fun at everything from the usual AD&D tropes to the creative process to "continuity," but the characters were all well established enough at that point, that their voices carry through even out of their usual scene. This did come at a very odd time, though, since this was the second-to-last issue!

I actually think DC's AD&D titles sold pretty well, but something with the licensing? I wanna say TSR did their own comics for a bit--maybe they thought they could cut out the middleman? Didn't really take, but something a company almost has to try, right? Anyway, Humble Bundle had a batch of collected assorted Dungeons & Dragons issues; although that link today is My Little Pony comics; this issue's a treasure however you find it.

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Dale Bagwell said...

As far comics that break the fourth wall, (especially this done in a time when that wasn't a regular thing) this one does seem like some nice and simple lighthearted stuff. Looking at early Rags Morales work is pretty cool though. Even then he could still draw pretty damn well.