Monday, January 09, 2017

They're together to get back at Daredevil. Both of them.

I just had to search for ten minutes, because I was positive I blogged the last issue of this run for "The End" week at some point, but no dice. Well, this one's got a great cover, let's go with it: from 2013, Thunderbolts #7, "Direct Action" Written by Daniel Way, art by Phil Noto, cover by Julian Totino Tedesco.

After some hiccups, the first mission of Red Hulk's new Thunderbolts was a success; there was now some fallout to deal with. The intelligence community is scrambling for an explanation of who wiped out a bunch of previously unknown terrorists who had a previously unsuspected new superweapon; and Captain America is approached to see if he would take credit for it. Cap declines.

Nice page there. Meanwhile, in the T-Bolts' stolen sub, tensions are mounting, among other things: the Punisher and Elektra are hooking up, although neither will admit to any kind of emotional involvement, because there may literally be no emotional involvement. A jealous Deadpool is considering killing Punisher, even though Elektra wants less than nothing to do with him. And Agent Venom has learned some of Red Hulk's lies, and proposes a mutiny. While the confused (and recently resurrected by Ross) Red Leader doesn't think he's been lied to, Deadpool proposes forcing the truth out of the Red Hulk. Elektra questions this plan.

After beating down the entire team, Red Hulk changes back into former-General Ross, to explain: they're on the trail of modified gamma bombs. Ross knows the middlemen who traffic in weapons, who coincidentally are being confronted with the gamma buyer, who has turned the g-bombs into power sources for modified Crimson Dynamo suits!

I'm sure I read and enjoyed this whole run on Marvel Unlimited, but like most Thunderbolts series, I still have random issues here and there. I don't think either Elektra or the Punisher would rub their, um, "relationship" in Daredevil's face; that's not like either of them. Regardless of how funny that might be...

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Dale Bagwell said...

I could've sworn you did too, 'cause this looks really familiar. Still, that is pretty funny to see Ross whoop 'em without damaging the sub like 'Pool was counting on.