Sunday, January 01, 2017

The Eleventh Annual, Random Happenstance, Year in Toys!

Whether it was the best year ever, or an unyielding nightmare train-wreck dumpster fire of spite, bile and terror that no amount of hyperbole could describe; 2016 is over, which means it's time for the annual Year in Toys!

For new readers: For over ten years now, I have been keeping a running total of every action figure or toy I buy. Hopefully, each entry has the figure's name, the line, the price, and where I bought it; and possibly a link to a cartoon or strip that toy was used in. (Unless that figure's unloved or unphotogenic, I guess. Or I'm lazy...) Totals will usually include postage and tax. Usually. This is by no means a "Best of" list or anything, just what I bought.

Almost always, most of this list was kept up at, but this year I never got around to keeping a running total there! Which means a lot of typing now...and here's links for 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, and 2006.

1-7 Marvel Avengers Hulk, Vision, Ultron, $15; Batman v. Superman Wonder Woman, $19.99, MiWorld AMC Theatre, $15.44; $54.82 total, Target.

1-22 Funko Evolve: Goliath, $13.58, Go Calendars.

1-27 Marvel Legends Venom, Spider-Gwen, Speed Demon, Morbius, 19.97 each, $86.79 total, Wal-Mart. DC Collectibles Talon, $5.40, TJ Maxx.

1-29 ML Beetle, Ben Reilly Spider-Man, Jack O'Lantern, $65.00, Wal-Mart.

2-1 WWE Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury, $21.61, Wal-Mart.

2-6 ML Taskmaster, Sharon Carter, Mockingbird, Scourge, $19.99 each, $86.92 total, Toys R Us.

2-13 ML Capwolf, Cottonmouth, Whirlwind, $19.99 each, $65.19 total, Toys R Us.

2-20 X-Files Scully (with pod), $5, junk shop.

2-26 DC Son of Batman, $21.56, Wal-Mart.

2-27 DC Arrow (Multiverse), $21.73, Toys R Us.

3-4 DC Flash, Joker, $13.69 each, $27.38 total, Wal-Mart online. (I did get the Earth-23 Superman at some point as well, but may have used a gift card for it, since it wasn't logged!)

3-24 Diamond Select iZombie, $19.99, Hastings. (With free Deadpool cup!)

Shadowrun Kyushi, $9.99+7.15 shipping, eBay.

4-4 DC Reverse Flash, $19.87; Star Wars Black Stormtrooper, $19.84; total $43.38, Wal-Mart.

Star Trek 9-inch accessories, $15.00+3.50 shipping, eBay.

4-15 Nightcrawler mini-figure from Argentina, $2.99+9.00 shipping, eBay.

Star Wars Hero Mashers Darth Maul with speeder, $2.16, Shopko.

4-19 DC Unmasked Batman (BvS) $21.61, Toys R Us.

4-29 NECA Alien vs. Predator Warrior Alien, $17.50, Hastings.

6-5 NECA Alien, $13.03, Toys R Us.

6-22 Not-Lego Nightcrawler, $1.60, eBay.

6-28 ML Black Panther, Nuke, Nick Fury (Dirk Anger), $19.98 each, $65.09 total, Wal-Mart.

6-29 ML Red Guardian, $21.69, Wal-Mart.

7-2 ML Namor, $21.69, Walgreens.

7-5 ML Iron Man Mk. 46, Captain America, $43.38 (-$15), total $28.38, Wal-Mart.

7-10 Magic: the Gathering Ajani Goldmane, $5.38, Ross.

7-23 Re:Action Star Trek Captain Kirk, $2.63, Toys R Us.

8-1 ML (blue and yellow) Deadpool, $13.82, eBay.

8-3 Spider-Man Web Armor Spidey, $10, Kalispell Comics.

8-6 SW: Black Ahsoka, Luke, $13.98 each, $30.28 total, Target.

8-8 X-Men Legends case: Kitty Pryde, Deadpool, Wolverine, Rogue, Phoenix, Cable, Havok, Iceman, BaF Juggernaut, $159.99 total, Entertainment Earth.

8-12 DC Multiverse Suicide Squad Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Rick Flagg, Batman; BvS Armored Batman, Aquaman, Knightmare Batman, $5.00 each, $37.91 total, Wal-Mart.

8-15 Funko Fallout Lone Wanderer, $5.38, Walgreens.

8-17 DC Collectibles JLA: Gods & Monsters Wonder Woman, $6.98, Forbidden Planet.

8-19 DC Multiverse Supergirl, $5.40, Wal-Mart.

8-25 ML Falcon, $21.48, Wal-Mart.

8-26 ML Punisher, $21.48, Walgreens.

8-30 DC Multiverse DKR Armored Batman, $5.40, Wal-Mart.

8-31 SW: Black Force Awakens Han Solo, $14.04, Fred Mayers.

9-10 Gotham Selina Kyle, Jim Gordon, $12.49 each, Batman: Arkham City Azrael, $12.49, $40.58 total, Hastings.

9-13 Diamond Select Star Trek Captain Kirk, $12.49, DC Icons Batman, $12.49; $27.05 total, Hastings.

9-14 ML Deadpool, $21.61, Wal-Mart.

9-23 DC Multiverse DKR Mutant Leader, $10.80, Wal-Mart (with gift card) Funko Skyrim Dovahkiin, $4.40, Walgreens.

9-24 Marvel Select Storm, Cyclops, Gambit, Colossus, $10 each, $43.32 total, Hastings.

9-26 Minimate Nightcrawler and Colossus, $12.32 shipped, Luke's Toy Store.

10-1 Heroes of the Storm Dominion Ghost Nova, $10.00, Gotham Alfred, $10.00; $21.66 total, Hastings.

10-4 DC Collectibles Batman: the Animated Series Roxy Rocket, $17.38, Hastings.

10-5 DC Multiverse Superdoom, Prison Lex, $9.00 each, $19.49 total, Wal-Mart.

10-7 DC Multiverse DKR Robin, $21.61, Toys R Us.

10-8 DC Icons Deadman, Capullo Designer Series Two-Face, $8.00 each, $17.32 total, Hastings. DC Multiverse Bat-Creature, $8.66, another Hastings.

10-13 ML Enchantress, $21.61 shipped, Toys R Us.

Gotham Bullock, $8.10, Regular Show Rigby, $3.90, $12.99 total, Hastings.

10-18 BvS Luthor, Ghostbusters Holtzman, Arrow Felicity, DC Collectibles Orion, $5.00 each; Breaking Bad Walt, $3.60, Evolve Markov, $4.00; $27.60 total (plus some gifts), Hastings.

10-19 Gotham Gordon, Selina, $6.50 each, $13.53 total, Hastings.

10-22 ML movie Dr. Strange, $21.51, Wal-Mart.

Last Hastings run! Breaking Bad Gus Fring, $1.80, Batman: Arkham Commissioner Gordon, $2.70, DC Collectibles JLA: Gods & Monsters Superman and Batman, Ghostbusters Abby, Erin, Patty, Diamond Select Mummy, DCC Black Adam, Gotham Oswald Cobblepot, $2.50 each, plus multiple gifts, $65.55 total.

11-10 SW Black C-3P0 (gold arm) $21.61, Walgreens.

12-3 ML Vision, Sam Wilson Captain America, Kate Bishop Hawkeye, $32.48, Toys R Us.

12-7 ML Baron Mordo, Brother Voodoo, $11.99 each, $25.97 total, Walgreens.

ML Captain Britain, $17.34 shipped, Amazon.

12-17 DC BvS Bat-Creature, $10.00, Target.

12-22 ML Iron Skull, $9.97, Secret Wars Captain America, $6.00, Eel, $9.06, Wonder Man, $10.97; total (with credit) $30.08 shipped.

12-28 ML Space Venom! Silk, Spider-B*, Electro, Hobgoblin, Miles, Peter; Civil War 3-pack (Spider-Man, Battle-damaged Cap and Iron Man) total $85.49 shipped, Wal-Mart.

Total: $1753.72. 2015: $1895.35. 2014: $1523.25. 2013: $1101.93. 2012: $706.32. 2011: $564.71. 2010: $966.10. 2009: $558.16. 2008: $555.16. 2007: $426.00. 2006: $620.00.

Down a little from last year! I would not have bet on that. Especially since Marvel Legends had a staggering number of releases this year, and were consistently solid. DC Multiverse, or whatever it's called today, somewhat less so. (The Batman v. Superman Wonder Woman might be the worst figure I paid full price for this year.) Also, I dropped a fair ton on clearance figures at Hastings, when they were going out of business: there was a number of figures that I certainly wouldn't have paid full price for, but that I got at varying degrees of cheap.

I'm a bit more scattered than usual from moving, but I did get a few build-a-figures completed as well: Red Onslaught (mine with the standard Onslaught head that came with Kitty Pryde!) Giant-Man, Absorbing Man, the Justice Buster, the Ghostbusters Rowan, Juggernaut, Doomsday, and Space Venom. And the multiple Diamond Select X-Men Danger Room pieces. I still have a few Killer Croc, Dormammu, and Bat-Grapnel pieces floating about; and couldn't say if they'll ever be completed.

In 2017, barring disaster, I'm figuring on staying the course with Marvel Legends, but think I'll keep an eye out for something special for next year, like a Mezco One:12 figure or some such. Stick around, we'll see what happens!


Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Wow, not bad. I really, really fo not want to see how much I myself spent on figure. I could probably buy a nice used car or an X-Box and PS4 console by now.

Jealous of that Space Venom BAF, but not for too long at the rate I'm going. I'll have him completed way before that sweet Abomination BAF.

Seeing those awful movie Ghostbuster figures riffing with Deadman makes me want more of those types of skits or a full story. Not that I don't enjoy your 'Pool/Kurt epic saga, but some of more of those short GB and Deadman skits wold be nice to see. Hell, more of some of these figures you got getting more screen time would be cool. Not complaining mind you, just a suggestion. *hint, hint*

Funny bit with that Joker figure tho. I'll be making a skit of him for next week.

If you had to pick, what would be your Top 10 favorite figures of 2016?

googum said...

Top ten, top ten...I rarely think of that, since 90% of what I bought was Legends; I don't get as deep as some. (A little more this year, but that was with massive clearance, and still a crapshoot.) And there are probably better figures out there than Marvel Legends, but for the price they're tip-top.

Still, the new Deadpool? Way up there. I was playing with the new Civil War Spidey yesterday, and his shoulder articulation is nice. Space Venom, neat; that Iron Skull surprised me--I liked the helmet, nice work there. Rogue...some of the alternate head stuff like Dirk Anger. Capwolf's nice, but not enough there. I'd have to sit down to rank out ten, though!

Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Do it and get back to me on that, ha ha.