Wednesday, February 10, 2016


This doesn't look good for the Black Cat, but appearances may be deceiving...

Even though Deadpool isn't in this episode--or the last one, come to think of it--I honestly thought I'd be done with "The Stars My Aggravation" before the Deadpool movie came out. Figured Pool would be getting plenty of play out of that: when I started these in 2008, Cable & Deadpool was getting set to end, and who knew if Pool was going to have a title after that? Um, yeah, he did OK for himself...


Dale Bagwell said...

That he did.
Props thought for using the Stooges 2.0 (Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury) though. Very unexpected of you. Did you get on sale or something?

Speaking of, just bought Whirlwind from the new Red Onslaught BAF Wave.
They had him and Capwolf, but I had to pass on the Capwolf figure due to all the pain smudges. Didn't want to, but had to.

Apparently the shipment of those figures came in to my local Walmart yesterday morning, but only those two were left.
They did have those DKR 30th Anniversary edition DC Multiverse figures though, the Batman, Superman and Bat-warrior ones. I passed though due to low finds this month. But they looked good.

SallyP said...

That is a fabulous Agent Coulson figure! Heck, now I also want to read about the adventures of Phil and Maria!

googum said...

I have a little write-up on Mercury/Noble coming later--good on you recognizing them! I'm not a big wrestling fan, but I loved their little earpieces, and thought they would make great thugs/security types.

I already have the last Mattel DKR Bats, and he's fine. The Superman, It's like, "I want my Superman to be as big of a tool as possible." Nope! Ditto "Son of Batman." Weren't they former Mutant gang members who decided to get on the winning team, yet not change behaviors in any way?

Capwolf, I'll be getting shortly. I splurged on Tasky, Mockingbird, Carter, and Scourge last weekend; and figured Whirly, Cottonmouth, and Cap would still be there. Probably. Carter has the same Maria Hill body, but seems woefully displeased. Love Mockingbird. Tasky's Udon face (from his DP appearances) is great, but the articulation seems off?