Monday, February 29, 2016

My old apartment, I don't think I put anything on the walls the whole time I was there; but since the wife has Command Strips I've been slowly filling up my wall space. Today, we've got a couple metal signs, for Star Wars #14 and Star Trek #55!

The Gold Key Star Trek original cover proclaims "Spock versus Slott in: A World Against Itself!" Who the hell was Slott? Was that supposed to be Scott? Was this issue ever reprinted anywhere? Why does it feel like I've read that one, and it wasn't great? Why were Gold Key's covers always so much better than the interiors? All valid questions! I have no idea. We did take a glance at Star Wars #14 some time back, where Luke just friggin' clocks Han one. I noticed the sign does skimp on the background detail of the original cover, though.

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