Friday, February 05, 2016

Named after a Roxette song. He must be a badass!

I've been in training classes for the last couple weeks, which has cut into blogging time a bit; but I was asleep at the wheel yesterday when we discussed Overdrive from the Superior Foes of Spider-Man. I was going to bring up another car-controlling super-villain, that appeared first! And maybe only once. But still.

From 1994, Static #16, "Goin' South (What are Little Boys Made Of? Part 1)" Written by Robert L. Washington III, pencils by Wilfred (Santiago), inks by Rober Quijano. Image ganked from the GCD!

Going off memory since I have yet to find this issue in my garage for scans, Joyride was a car thief that was all but unstoppable behind the wheel; even able to drive up walls. Static challenges him to a drag race, that he loses. Badly. Like, way worse than he had even planned. To rub the hero's nose in it, Joyride goes to help himself to Static's borrowed car, but outside the car Static has him: he realized Joyride's powers only worked when he was in a vehicle, and later tells the police not to put him in a van, to walk him into custody.

I don't know if Joyride appeared again--in a Spider-Man comic, the cops would forget, or not believe the warning, and Joyride would escape in a snap. Somehow, doofy teenager Static comes off as more trustworthy than the full-masked Spidey, I think.

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Dale Bagwell said...

Damn, that is a sad point you just made; Static having more credibility with the cops than Spider-Man...even after all these years.....