Friday, February 26, 2016

Side note: those black covers take a thumbprint like nobody's business.

We close out the week with some books that won't fit in the scanner, but that I waited about twenty-five years to read! From 1991, OMAC #1-4, by John Byrne. It's prestige format, yet black-and-white. (Except for the inside covers.)

This is very much in tribute to Jack Kirby's OMAC, taking place both following and around his series: after 20 years fighting through the wartorn, post-apocalypse world, the One-Man Army Corps has finally caught up with one of the primary causes of said apocalypse, Mr. Big. Who's now a withered old man, but OMAC still snaps his neck. And then things get weird, when time-travelling agents of the facemasked Global Peace Agency come from out of time to get him--and OMAC recognizes them as having died before!

Byrne draws an assload of rubble in this series, which reminded me of his work on Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor; but he also hits on some of Kirby's OMAC highlights like Lila, the Build-a-Friend. And it may be the only comic you'll read where the hero kills Hitler, just to derail his villain's plan!

Even though I'd seen this series here and there over the years, last weekend I found the whole series at once, for a buck an issue! Almost cheaper than a single issue new in 1991.

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