Wednesday, February 17, 2016


I actually looked that up: there was a Patsy Walker #1 in 1945. I had almost assumed like a lot of comics back then, it didn't have a first issue, and just started off some other numbering. Maybe that wasn't as common as I thought, I don't know.

Hellcat is right, Valkyrie has a grudge against Piledriver, as seen in Valkyrie #1. I don't think that was Val's first, or last, one-shot. She is right, though, the Wrecking Crew are jerks. I'd hate them even if I didn't only have one, Bulldozer.

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Dale Bagwell said...

Not bad, not bad. Definitely believable to see Hellcat and Val handled like that and then just walking away. Happens all the time in the comics.

Poor Felicia though. I know you said the whole file thing's just a giant story macGuffin, but don't tell her that;)