Monday, February 29, 2016

Deep into Blackhawk continuity, so good luck with that.

It's like everyone remembers the Listener for mocking purposes, but that's about it. From 2010, Batman Confidential #37, "Blackhawk Down, part two" Written by Royal McGraw, pencils by Marcos Marz, inks by Luciana Del Negro.

This was the second of a four-part story, guest-starring Zinda, Lady Blackhawk--who had been brought to the future during Zero Hour--and the original Blackhawk, who was pretty darn old by this point. Jan alludes later that he's in better shape than someone his age should be, but he's not holding up as well as Nick Fury or anything. Together, they face the menace of former Blackhawk team member Ted Gaynor, who stole tech from Blackhawk Industries for his secret army, and the mutated Nazi the Killer Shark. (Who shouldn't be confused with any of the multiple shark-guys tearing about the DCU.)

Although this story does tie into her past appearances, it's not the best one for Zinda: she's brainwashed, treated like a prize, and referred to by Gaynor as a "leather-clad victory girl." The art isn't bad, but if her skirt was any shorter it'd be a belt, and she's inexplicably drawn with her mouth open a lot. For his part, Batman is somewhat dismayed that he's gotten too used to fighting lunatics that leave riddles and clues, but a wanna-be Napoleon probably isn't too far removed.

Until Comics Alliance brought it up the other day, I had forgotten there was a New 52 Blackhawk update. Sight unseen, I can't say if it was better than this, but this wasn't bad.


Dale Bagwell said...

Hmm, looks good, especially the art.
I read his profile, and he seemed like a likely candidate to turn bad anyhow. How exactly do you get kicked out for being to "militaristic" and what exactly does that mean? That he was too gung-ho to shot people? Too ambitious for his own good?

SallyP said...

I miss Zinda.